Maui Nani skin care products contain active natural ingredients from Hawai`i that reduce fine lines and keep your skin radiant and clear.

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Lehua Honey adds natural healing power, Awapuhi Extract soothes and refreshes, Macadamia Nut Oil and Passion Fruit Seed Oil nourish and protect.

Put them together and you have tropical skincare magic!

Face Care Kit

Set of facial skincare products

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Lehua Honey Cleanser gently removes dirt and excess oil.

Formulated to be gentle and maintain the skinís moisture during the cleansing process, it contains Lehua honey, vegetable glycerin and our special blend of saponified natural oils: Coconut, Olive, Macadamia Nut, Passion Fruit Seed and Shea Butter. Tell me more!

Awapuhi Toner soothes, restores the acid mantle and hydrates.

Alcohol free, it contains Zingiber Zerumbet extract, a natural anti-irritant, vegetable glycerin, a humectant to maintain moisture and lactic acid to restore the skin's acid mantle. Tell me more!

Macadamia Nut Moisturizer nourishes and locks in moisture.

Containing both Macadamia Nut oil and Passion Fruit Seed oil which are rich in the fatty acids that make up human sebum, it restores the skin's natural lipid barrier. In addition, Olive squalane readily penetrates the skin and helps the vitamin E soak in. Tell me more!

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